Aerobics routine fitness at-home

Can't get to the gym/studio and need to do some routine fitness? I've got some ideas for you! Option 1: Skip If I'm really stuck for ideas and space, skipping is my go-to hard & fast routine fitness workout. You can get creative by mixing in some other exercises (like burpees, squat jumps etc.) or … Continue reading Aerobics routine fitness at-home

Backstage: warming up, confidence & nerves at competitions

Backstage can make or break your spirit. You can either get fired up and excited to compete OR you can get intimidated by your competitors. Here are some tips I think help settle my nerves and get my mind IN the game (not OUT of it!)... Learn about the venue If you've never been to … Continue reading Backstage: warming up, confidence & nerves at competitions

Performing – how to train for it

I was (pleasantly) surprised to be called a 'natural performer' and 'born for the stage' at my last competition. Why was I surprised? Because I don't see it - it's not something that comes through on video. But it does come through to the judges. If you've seen me perform in the last few years, … Continue reading Performing – how to train for it

FRF pre-judging: what are the judges looking for?

Did you even know that judges look at your FRF before the competition? Well, they do! Especially the Aerobic and Technical judges. So what are they looking for? Read on and I'll share what I know from years of pre-judging 100s (maybe 1000s?) of FRFs! I will mention that I am ONE judge, and whilst, … Continue reading FRF pre-judging: what are the judges looking for?

Learned & Loved … from my Mum

Each week I'd like to share what I've 'learned and loved' over the years of training for sport and wanting to 'be better' at life. It's Mother's Day today so what better day is there to highlight my mum who I attribute with my drive to 'be better'. I'm still learning from her and every year she surprises … Continue reading Learned & Loved … from my Mum

NZ Nationals and my first FREE resource!

I was lucky enough to judge and run a workshop at the New Zealand National Championships 18th - 20th September. It confirmed to me that there is a lot of talent coming through the school-levels in my home country and it has inspired me to not only keep my own training up-to-date but also create … Continue reading NZ Nationals and my first FREE resource!

Warm-up Wisdom

In 2012, I had numerous adductor challenges which obviously hindered training. I had several sessions where I was unable to do any lateral movements. An MRI confirmed I had multiple minor tears throughout my adductors (groins) and they were also heavily scarred from old injuries. Enter my 2014 revelation! I accidentally stumbled across this superb warm-up … Continue reading Warm-up Wisdom

5 Thoughts on Pre-Season Injuries

So you're back into a new season of training. You may or may not have some or all of your routine sorted. Either way, you're excited to attack a new year of competitive goals and smash out your training sessions. But then a niggle or an injury crops up - what do you do? These … Continue reading 5 Thoughts on Pre-Season Injuries

Plan, then play!

This post starts at the beginning - the planning so that playing is easier and more fun! For me, Sunday starts with a sleep in and poached eggs (something I don't have time for during the week). Then I try to get outta the house and do fun fitness - whether that's with a friend, … Continue reading Plan, then play!